Top-Notch Window Covering Solutions in Rochester Hills

Window coverings improve the aesthetic appeal of your commercial or residential property, making window treatments an essential part of any home. Still, many homeowners neglect them. You can start your journey today by hiring a window treatment designer in Rochester Hills.

Clear Fortress Window Solutions offers commercial and residential window covering solutions in Rochester Hills, MI. We have over half a century of window design and installation experience, making us your one-stop shop for all things windows in Michigan.

Rochester Hills: One of the Richest Cities in Michigan

Rochester Hills offers some of the highest quality living in all of Michigan. With proximity to one of the best colleges in the country, 

With a quality public transportation service, Rochester Hills is easy to navigate for new residents, and there is a youthful vibe to the city. Its breath-taking scenery will satisfy you each day.

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Window Covering Solutions Products and Services

The Clear Fortress team provides many window covering solutions products and services to our Rochester Hills customers.
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Motorized Shades

Currently, most of our customers invest in motorized shades to make life easier. With these shades, you can control the brightness of your home from the click of a button.

Shades provide optimal privacy for yourself and your family while saving you money on your monthly energy bills. They also prevent common workplace distractions such as glares caused by excessive sunlight.

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Window Film

Popular in offices, window film is a tinted glass that protects the privacy of your employees. If you work in an office with many departments, it can be chaotic for your employees to see people walking by all day long.

With window tinting in Rochester Hills, MI, you eliminate these distractions while adding to the style of your commercial office. It also protects your furnishing from damage caused by excess sunlight.

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We find drapes one of the simplest yet elegant ways to decorate your home. The perfect set of drapes can rejuvenate the interior of your home and change the aura of any room.

They also have practical uses such as blocking sunlight, increasing your privacy, and more. Our drape materials come from the top resources in Michigan, ensuring that we install the highest quality drapery possible in your home.

Pay Attention to What Our Other Clients Often Say

We encourage you to leave us feedback following your customized window treatment. Our team is grateful to all our clients who leave valuable feedback for us.

We focus on providing exceptional customer service during all of our service calls. Our hospitality comes from being a family-owned, generational business. You can count on every Clear Fortress team member to show up to work with a positive attitude and determination.

Window Coverings Solutions Near Rochester Hills

Our team of professional window treatment designer has five decades of experience providing world-class window covering solutions near Rochester Hills. We also offer services to surrounding communities such as Troy, Auburn Hills, and others.

We have a team of 18 customer service professionals who are eager to help you find the perfect window solution for your Rochester Hills home or business. Our window treatment designer near Michigan is eager to answer all your questions.

If you want to visit a window treatment store near Michigan, swing by our Auburn Hills suite.

Ask Help from A Seasoned Window Treatment Design Consultant

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A Clear Fortress window fashion design consultant will take measurements at your home in Rochester Hills and create a custom treatment that will make your windows stand out.