Residential Window Treatments 

Your home is your haven, and you want it to look beautiful and appealing. Residential window treatments can enhance your home’s interior and offer practical solutions for controlling the heat, light and privacy levels in your property.

Benefits of Custom Window Treatments for Your Home

There are multiple benefits to getting custom window treatments for your home instead of buying ready-made solutions in a store:

  • Precision: Our team of experts takes precise measurements at your home, ensuring our window treatments perfectly fit your space. 
  • Professional assistance: Our designers are specialists in this arena and will assist you in choosing a window treatment that enhances your interior.
  • Quality results: We offer quality workmanship, using only the best materials to ensure long-lasting solutions.
  • Complete customization: You select the fabrics, finishes, colors, materials and details — no compromising on your aesthetic preferences.
  • Energy-efficient solutions: High-quality custom window treatments contribute to your home’s insulation. Our window treatments can help keep you cool during the balmy summers and warm during freezing Michigan winters.

Commercial Blinds

Commercial blinds for windows are an excellent choice thanks to their aesthetic benefits and range of styles. Blinds control light, heat and privacy, meaning you can adjust your space accordingly. In the office, blinds can reduce screen glare, provide seamless cover, and offer simple cleaning and maintenance.

Choose from wood blinds, faux wood blinds, horizontal blinds or vertical blinds.

Graber modern cellular shades

Commercial Shades

Perfectly balancing form and function, our shades offer you a variety of textures, styles and colors to suit the interior of your facility. Custom shades are easy to operate and limit heat, glare and UV rays from entering a space.

Choose from various options — cellular, layered, natural, pleated, Roman, sheer or solar and roller shades.

graber composite blinds shutters

Commercial Shutters

Commercial shutters can be mounted inside or outside and fit any window and space. They add warmth, style and outstanding aesthetic appeal to your interior. You can use your shutters to control natural light, limit visibility and assist with temperature control, helping reduce utility costs. Commercial shutters are also easy to clean and maintain.

Choose from a selection of hidden-tilt, front-tilt or motorized shutters made from wood or composite materials.

Residential Window Treatments 

Window treatments can completely transform a space. At Clear Fortress Window Solutions, we offer numerous types of beautiful and practical at-home window treatments:

  • Blinds: Residential blind installation is a superb choice for any property, offering complete control of light and privacy. Custom blinds come in various styles and materials, allowing you full customization. We offer wood, faux wood, horizontal and vertical blinds.
  • Shades: Residential shades come in several colors, textures and styles, allowing you to choose an option that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Shades are simple to operate, protect your home from UV rays and assist in temperature management. We offer various options — layered, cellular, Roman, natural, pleated, sheer, or solar and roller shades. 
  • Shutters: Shutters offer ultimate versatility and are suitable for installation inside or outside your home. Choose between different tilt types, motorization, and composite or wood material options. 
  • Draperies: Soften your home’s interior or lightly frame a window with our custom drape solutions. Choose between sheer or thick fabrics to control your light allowance and privacy. Customize the materials, style, length and finishes.
  • Motorization: Motorized solutions offer homeowners the ultimate convenience and control. Set timers for your blinds or shades to open and close, enhancing your security and privacy. Choose from a selection of styles and finishes to fit your home and needs. Motorized solutions are simple to install and completely customizable.

Expert In-Home Consultations

We offer in-home consultations for window treatment design in our Michigan service area. Our design expert will discuss your needs during this meeting and show you different solutions, material options and fabrics.

We’re committed to a customer-first approach and take great pride in every project. You can rest assured that your home and windows are in good hands.


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