Custom Window Treatments in Ann Arbor, MI

We offer the highest quality custom window treatments for our Beverly Hills, Michigan clientele. We design and craft the ideal window coverings to suit your Beverly Hills home’s unique needs with the best materials available.

Ann Arbor: Embracing Small Town Pride

Clear Fortress Window Solutions has been a trusted provider for Ann Arbor, Mich., residents for over a decade. Window coverings are essential for in-home comfort and privacy, and our experienced team finds the best answers for each client. Our free consultations and thorough installations simplify the implementation process.

We set ourselves apart as Ann Arbor’s leading window treatment provider. We commit to quality, offering custom-made services that meet exact commercial or residential needs. Our expert team has provided window treatments for Ann Arbor since 2010.

If you’re seeking personalized window treatments for your Ann Arbor location, choose Clear Fortress Window Solutions today. Learn more about our expertise and how to get started.

Ann Arbor, Home to the University of Michigan

Ann Arbor is in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. The University of Michigan’s stunning campus runs throughout the city, which thousands of students, faculty and employees call home. The downtown district features tasty restaurants, local shops, art galleries and more. Students and residents have many ways to spend their free time, from exploring outdoor areas to wandering through museums.

Window treatments are essential for residential and commercial buildings. From apartments to university facilities to small businesses, window treatments enhance appearance and comfort. Options like blinds, shutters and drapes help you maintain a comfortable temperature and limit the sun’s damaging UV rays.

At Clear Fortress Window Solutions, we work hard to match clients with the best window treatments for their needs. 

Residential and Commercial Window Treatments

Depending on your property and preferences, your window treatment could take many forms. We meet various client needs with customized shades, blinds and more. Our team also provides comprehensive installation services to fit your needs and lifestyle.

Clear Fortress Window Solutions sells the following treatment options.

Ann Arbor Blinds

Blinds are a classic window treatment. They’re versatile, cost-effective and available in many materials and styles. Open them to let natural light stream in, or gain immediate privacy by closing them. Our team at Clear Fortress Window Solutions offers custom blinds in various options.

  • Faux wood: Faux wood blinds meet environmental needs, such as withstanding excess moisture. You can select specific colors and styles to match your windows and interior decoration. 
  • Wood: Wood blinds are a classic window treatment option that can suit modern or rustic home styles. Different stain colors let you personalize your home or commercial property.

We also offer vertical or horizontal blinds, depending on your stylistic preferences. Trust us to install the best blinds for your needs.

Ann Arbor Shades

Ann Arbor Shades

Window shades protect your property from harmful UV rays and provide ultimate privacy. Clear Fortress Window Solutions offers many shade styles, such as:

  • Cellular shades
  • Layered shades
  • Natural shades
  • Pleated shades
  • Roman shades
  • Sheer shades
  • Solar and roller shades

We sell many customizable shades that match your interior design preferences. Different colors and textures accentuate your home or business while increasing privacy.

Ann Arbor Shutters

Shutters attach to window frames, opening and closing like doors. You can customize shutters to match any building style in Ann Arbor. They increase privacy and insulate your house from extreme temperatures. In addition, shutters can shield your windows from harsh weather conditions.

Our team helps you select exact sizes, colors and styles for your window shutters.

  • Hidden-tilt shutters
  • Front-tilt shutters
  • Motorized shutters

Ann Arbor Draperies

Draperies let you enjoy the beautiful Michigan scenery while regulating the amount of sunlight entering your property. You can filter or block light completely, depending on your chosen fabric and style. They also add an extra layer of color and design, helping you personalize the interior.

We offer custom drapes for Ann Arbor residents at specific lengths and styles. Our fabric collection spans from solid prints to involved designs. We work with you to find the best draperies for your preferences and interior dimensions.

Ann Arbor Motorization

Motorized window coverings provide a technology-based solution for your home. You can lift or lower your shades with a remote control, timer or other device. Our motorized window solutions are simple to install and use, making them ideal for any home or business.

Ann Arbor Window Film

Clear Fortress Window Solutions can also apply film to your windows. Film protects your home or business interior from harmful UV rays. We offer many film styles to suit different client needs, such as:

  • Frosted film
  • Etched-glass film
  • Stained-glass film
  • Architectural film
  • Light-diffusing film

Custom Blinds and Shades

Blinds and shades provide a modern, stylish way to protect your privacy and enhance the beauty of your home. They also can reduce your energy bills and protect your home décor from the effects of direct sunlight.

We offer several custom window blind options, including horizontal blinds, vertical blinds, wood blinds, and faux wood blinds, all professionally designed and installed by our expert team of window designers.

We also offer custom-designed shades made to fit your windows perfectly. For privacy, beauty, and practicality, shades make a perfect choice for any room in your home.


Custom Shutters

Shutters add architectural interest to your home as they cover your windows. Custom fitted, our shutters are available in several styles, including café style, complete coverage, and mounted inside or outside the window frame.

Window Film

Window Film

Tinted window film represents one of the latest trends in window coverings. With various colors, designs, and textures to choose from, we professionally apply window film to your windows, providing instant privacy for your home.

Pay Attention to What Our Other Clients Often Say

We encourage you to leave us feedback following your customized window treatment. Our team is grateful to all our clients who leave valuable feedback for us.

We focus on providing exceptional customer service during all of our service calls. Our hospitality comes from being a family-owned, generational business. You can count on every Clear Fortress team member to show up to work with a positive attitude and determination.

Custom Window Treatments

At Clear Fortress Window Solutions, our services stand apart from competitors. Ann Arbor residents experience many benefits of working with us.

  • Customized services: We provide many window treatments and work closely with clients to find the best one for their needs. Our design consultants offer flexible appointment times, meeting with you to identify your priorities and preferences. Whether you want to enhance your interior design, improve energy efficiency or increase privacy, we help you meet those goals.
  • Extensive experience: Our team has nearly 50 years of combined service experience, averaging 1,500 projects annually. We have also partnered with leading brands like Madico Window Films, Lotus Windoware and more. This industry knowledge allows us to make the most thorough and helpful suggestions possible. Our customer-first approach helps clients maximize our services.
  • Comprehensive installations: Our meticulous installations cover every implementation step. We arrange a time that works best for you. We also do in-home consultations to discuss window treatment options and help you visualize their impact on your home or commercial property.

Get Started With Window Treatments in Ann Arbor, MI

Thousands of people live in Ann Arbor, each with unique housing needs. If you need a window treatment in the Ann Arbor area, reach out to Clear Fortress Window Solutions.

Whether you have something specific in mind or need help choosing, our team is here for you. We offer in-home residential and commercial consultations to define your property needs. After you decide, we schedule your installation as soon as possible. From rapid turnaround times to dedicated customer service, we provide the best value for Ann Arbor residents.

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